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Dubai day 3

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Dubai day 3


Day 3. Simply insane.

We woke up early and made our way to the breakfast area before heading off to the metro station for one last time. After today we no longer rely on public transport to get around. Metro, another metro and one bus ride later we finally arrived at our destination. Motor City.

After navigating the tunnels under Dubai’s Autodrome we made our way up to the meeting point; Audi’s lounge at the racetrack. Now, we were supposed to pick up an Audi A 4, but there was a little mix-up apparently. Instead we were handed the keys to a red Audi RS 7 Performance. For those that are not that familiar with cars, this is basically a rocket in which you can take your kids to school. It’s luxurious and spacious, as everything seems to be in Dubai, but most of all it’s fast.

Fast forward a few hours and we’re on the lookout for the perfect desert road. One of those roads that’s surrounded by sandy dunes and lacks traffic. Luckily Dennis had been here before when he drove an Audi Q7 into the actual desert, something we definitely were not going to try today.

After searching for a little while and after we were done playing around with the 605 horses all we had to do was wait for the sun to set so we could start shooting.

The desert was such a surreal environment to be in. The rolling dunes, the tame camels and the wild deer. The sunset which could’ve been amazingly romantic under different circumstances. Still, it was magical.

As for driving such a powerful car… It was something totally new to me and given the right conditions, such as empty desert roads, is an absolute blast. However, in the chaos of Dubai traffic and it’s total lack of rules there’s something quite frightening about driving something that powerful, that big and perhaps most importantly, that expensive.

Today was definitely an experience and most likely one I won’t forget. Dennis managed to capture some great shots and I thoroughly enjoyed driving the RS 7. It was also strange to be in an actual desert. For those who are wondering; Yes, it’s hot there. It’s also a very serene and quiet place to be, peaceful almost. And that is something always worth chasing.

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