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Dubai day 5

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Dubai day 5


After the hectic and almost unbelievable past couple of days we just had to take it a little easier today and let everything sink in. Some quiet cruising, a bit of shopping and spending some time poolside was pretty much all we did to kill time. Oh, we did have a photoshoot with a 2015 Dodge Viper as well.

There’s also another reason as to why we had to take it easy. You see, we have one more thing planned for this adventure and it’s going to happen tomorrow. One last hurrah. Without revealing too much let’s just say that we’re going to need a good night’s sleep and be fully focused tomorrow.

The Audi RS 7 will also return back to it’s rightful owner although we’ll receive another car in return, which is nice and very generous of Audi Middle East. Especially Dennis has really started to like the RS 7 and it certainly has its merits. It’s quiet and comfortable most of the time. It certainly is fast and with the press of a button becomes even faster and definitely a lot louder. It has five doors and four seats and there are tons of buttons that adjust all kinds of…. Things. I don’t think we could’ve wished for a better travel companion.

So, tomorrow then. Are you ready? We better be.


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