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Dubai day 6

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Dubai day 6


If you’re following either of us on Instagram or Snapchat (IG: @denniswierenga, SC: denniswierenga & IG: @chasingsophistication) you may have figured out what we’ve been up to today already. Today memories were made and eternalized and stories were written. Today was the stuff of dreams.

Forget about everything we’ve done this trip. This day. This day defined Dubai more than anything we’ve done. Sure, we’ve met up with two Aventadors in a desolate desert and drove an Audi RS 7 for over a 1000 kilometers, but in the end the saying still goes “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” So in order to live up to this we picked up something which has been handcrafted about 400 kilometers north of Rome, in the town of Maranello.

You see, Maranello is the hometown of one of the most recognizable and reputable car brands in automotive history. It’s the holy ground of an Italian thoroughbred we’ve dreamed of til this day. It’s the birthplace of Ferrari.

Describing the car – a Ferrari 488 Spider – simply won’t do it justice, but the photos Dennis has taken today definitely will. Describing the feeling of driving a dream car is perhaps even more difficult. It’s a strange sensation. It’s frightening at first but the feeling is quickly replaced with a feeling of pride and, unjustly, of invincibility. The stares of pedestrians and passers-by make it all too obvious how special it really is to drive a Ferrari. The car turned heads even in Dubai, a city where they surely have seen it all before.

Dreams were achieved today. Something we only started to realize as we drove back towards our hotel at night with the roof down and the illuminated Dubai skyline in the background. This trip has been phenomenal from start to finish and we still can’t quite comprehend everything that we’ve done. There are two calmer days left to let it all sink in before we have to pack our bags and leave, but we’ll be back. Without a doubt.

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