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Dubai day 7

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Dubai day 7


It’s a wrap! Dubai has been amazing and it’s almost time to say goodbye. The people, the places and of course the cars have made this an unforgettable adventure with many great photos as a result, most of which will make it to denniswierenga.com within the next couple of weeks. Then there are the memories and a few videos we probably shouldn’t share on social media.

Tomorrow will be a day of relaxation and after that we’re both getting ready to leave. This also means that this is the last blog about our little visit to the Emirates. 

We’d like to thank everyone for following this trip and we’d especially like to thank those who made it all possible. Thank you and you see you next time.

As for me personally, I won’t be heading home just yet. My next destination is roughly a three hour flight away, though it could as well be a flight to a different world entirely. It’s time for a little break now, but I’ll be back in a few days. Promise.

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