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Time for Jesus

Chasing Sophistication September 8, 2016

I received a phone call earlier today; whether I had time to talk about Jesus. My immediate response was no, obviously, but it did make me wonder. Did I have time to talk about Jesus? It’s not like I was doing anything useful after all.

In fact, right after politely saying goodbye to an obviously very confused person I wondered what I’d do next. I had just finished watching the first episode of Narcos’ second season which, to be fair, is about as useful as talking about Jesus and I really started to wonder how much time I was actually wasting in a day. Apparently it‘s easy to say no to a prank caller, or perhaps it was a drunk Jehovah’s Witness, but a lot harder to say no to myself when it comes to the question “do I have time for [insert useless activity here]?”

Then I started to list all the time-wasting activities that have crept into my daily routines. Reading the news? About 20 times per day on various websites. Really, why am I doing this? Sure, It’s good to keep up with current affairs, but checking one or two sites once in the morning or evening should be plenty. Besides, in what way shape or form does the news that Apple announced a new iPhone affect me? It doesn’t. I don’t even like iPhones.

Social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and a bit of Pinterest. Wonderful. Wonderfully useless. So what that a classmate from 8 years ago took a picture of a rock? Next. The same goes for watching YouTube videos or TV series in general. Or what to think of randomly refreshing my email? All-in-all I guesstimate that I waste about five to seven hours a day on utterly useless activities which add nothing to my life whatsoever and I highly recommend that you make an estimate too.

Now that I’ve identified these time-wasters it’s time for me to get rid of them and replace them with something more useful, like watching an informative documentary rather than a sitcom, or, as crazy as it sounds, invest this time into finally learning that additional language.

Perhaps I had time to do so all along, I just didn’t want to make time for it. So I suppose that in a miraculous way, without talking about Him, Jesus made me see the light.


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