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Visiting the Netherlands

Saturday 5 AM. Time to wake up for what I thought would be the last trip of the year, though that has since changed. I can never be sure these days. My destination would be the Netherlands, but not for reasons you might expect.

You see, for me the Netherlands is not about festivals, drugs or the infamous Red Light District. To me, the Netherlands means farmland and family. The Netherlands, to me, is home. Nowhere do I feel more at peace as when I’m able to watch over the fields that stretch all the way past the horizon. A perfectly flat landscape, uniform and devoid of distraction. It cures me of claustrophobia and inspires my imagination.

Then there’s the family part. A part which I haven’t always valued as much as I do these days. Especially at the end of high-school I saw family more as the kind of friends you didn’t get to choose, as the people you’re forced to associate with. Needless to say I moved out early.

I’ve since come to realize that family is family and they’re the foundation and the framework that has shaped me as a person. Values, morals, culture and ethics are all handed down and while we all form our own opinions over time, it’s family that gives us our basic beliefs. I’ve since come to appreciate this a lot more and realize that I perhaps turned out alright, no small part thanks to them.

So on the flight back I started to wonder; even if we don’t agree with our parents, don’t we have a responsibility to repay them for shaping us? I think we do, either out of love or out of respect. Or then I’ve watched too many mafia movies recently.

It has been hectic lately, hence the lack of activity on this blog for the last few weeks. Visiting home was therefore a well needed break from the chaos. It very much is a place that never changes, even after all these years. Though the visit was short and I may have booked the tickets rather impulsively and on short notice, it was worth it.  

I do miss it sometimes, home. However, it has always been obvious to me that there’s something else and that something is something that I simply had to chase. I’ve since found a home away from home, but that’s not to say that I’ll never move back. Dreams change and so do people.

Voor jullie.  

Chasing Sophistication

Chasing Sophistication

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