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Dubai day 4

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Dubai day 4


If day three was insane then day four was even more so. We had hoped and expected that today would be something special, but neither of us had anticipated the final outcome.

The day started off with some aimless driving along Dubai’s beaches, visiting one of the artificial palm islands and the marina. You know, touristy stuff. It was all very relaxing and that was probably for the best, considering what was about to come.

Let’s skip to the good part then. Picture a petrol station in the middle of a desert, next to an almost cowboy-esque village. The sort of place you’d stop by to fuel up one last time and gather some supplies before making a cross desert journey. This was the place we had chosen to meet up with a friend of a friend.

The sound was great. The scene of not one, but two Lamborghini Aventadors thundering down the motorway towards us was simply breathtaking. As it turned out the friend of a friend brought along another friend who happened to own a supercar as well. The drive from the petrol station towards our final destination, another location in the desert, was epic. I would give more details but I don’t think any of us would want to get in trouble.

Only days after getting to know the power of the RS 7 and feeling like the fastest man on the road I was quickly brought back down to earth. In “what’s a king to a God” -style the Lamborghinis proved that no matter how much horsepower you put in a four-door car, it will never become a thoroughbred supercar.

That’s the beauty of chasing something; there’s always the next step. Harder, better, faster, stronger. Which does make me wonder where it goes from here, because this time I wasn’t chasing sophistication. This time sophistication chased me.

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